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You are the CEO of your life!

Dernière mise à jour : 21 juin 2020

Please read this, say it loud and always remember it!

You may have a boss, but you are the CEO of your life.

Thus, you need to learn how to see for yourself.

Make your own decisions.

Follow your own choices, your life choices.

No-one is living your life but you!

If you don’t do what makes happy, you’re just wasting your time, the time you were give to live, not survive or pretend to live.

So live!

Live and run your life like a business!

Feel your power and find your potential.

Do not hesitate too long, especially when it feels obvious to you.

Stay awake to catch the opportunity when you hear your call.

Please do yourself the greatest gift ever and live YOUR life!


As you can see, I am now also publishing in English for the joy my English readers. The main pages of the website are in the process of being translated.

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